Dear Friends of ELIJA,

At the end of 2020 we announced an exciting ELIJA Farm project - the building of a 30’ x 60’ state-of-the-art greenhouse. This greenhouse will allow for year-round growing and programming, will enable us to expand our microgreen enterprise, includes a work space for our learners and will help to increase revenues generated from all operations. The greenhouse is truly a “game changer.”

Thankfully, and despite the challenges of this past year, the ELIJA Farm has remained a place where our young adults can participate, virtually and/or in-person, continuing to build their skills. We also had more than 90 families safely participate in our 2020 Summer CSA’s.

Regardless of the difficulties we all encountered in 2020, our friends the Beyer family of Bancker Construction Corp., were determined to make our dream of the greenhouse a reality. They, along with their many friends and colleagues, have raised more than $163,000 toward our goal to raise $180,000 for this project.

Please consider joining our efforts and getting us to the finish line by donating today!

See you at the ribbon cutting!!

Deb Thivierge

P.S. Your purchase of an engraved paver (see below) is the perfect way to lend your support while celebrating that special “someone” in your life!




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For naming opportunities, gifts of $10,000+, please contact Jodi Taggart at jodi.taggart@elija.org or by phone at 516-216-5270