2019 Program offerings


ELIJA Farm offers a variety of small group community classes to promote health and wellness. These classes are designed to bring people in the community closer together. We share our mission with everyone in growing roots to a sustainable future.

Online registration system will be up soon.

***farm membership is not required to attend our intensive classes

***These intensive classes are seperate from our health and wellness share experiences (to become a csa share member click here)

To register for classes email info@elijafarm.org


Sound Bath Meditation:

Join Tim and Steph in a unique sound meditation experience with a focus on relaxation for all participants whether new to mediation or experienced.  Original ambient music accompanies you as you lie back comfortably with a peaceful soundscape creating space for gentle relaxation and rejuvenation. The original music is enhanced with the use of overtone-emitting instruments, soft chanting, vocalization and aromatherapy for a restorative sensory experience. 

Sound effects our bodies on a cellular level and helps shift our brainwave state. In combination with stillness, breath and deep listening, participants can begin to remove blockages from the physical and subtle bodies and connect to their own voice. The experience is further enhanced by the serene nature on the beautiful ELIJA Farm.

Classes are offered twice a week, Wednesdays/Fridays (60 minutes) 10am, 11am or 1pm, $45 per session or 8 Sessions $320 (monthly)

Culinary Baking:

Join our director of baking and culinary arts, Suzie Rust, as she guides participants in exploring different baking techniques. Participants will learn through hands on experience how to bake cookies, pies, cakes, breads, pretzels, jams, flavored popcorns and a variety of other incredibly yummy culinary treats.  We have all the supplies, you bring the creativity!

Classes are offered twice a week, Tuesdays/Thursdays (60 minutes) 10am or 1pm, $45 per session or 8 Sessions $320 (monthly)

Culinary Farm to Table Experience:

If you love the idea of farm to table and developing your cooking techniques—this is your class! Join Suzie Rust in this intense, inspiring farm to table learning experience is for those who are 17+ years old and builds the essential skills needed to create your own farm to table experience and conquer the kitchen. Participants will be able to harvest fresh from the ELIJA Farm and bring it right into the Kitchen for the ultimate seed to fork experience.

Classes are offered Tuesday/Thursday/Friday (60 minutes) 11am or 2pm, $50 per session or 8 Sessions $350 (monthly)

Creative Arts:

Exploring the creative side is the best way to unleash your inner talents.  Our creative arts classes offer guided techniques to advance your skills in painting, pottery, drawing, photography and other popular mediums. ELIJA Farm is a fabulous backdrop to encourage immersion into other interpretive approaches to expression through art. Classes taught by resident community artists.

Classes are offered once a week, Mondays/Tuesday/Fridays (60 minutes) 10am, 11am or 1pm, $45 per session or 4 Sessions $160 (monthly)

Agriculture Explorer:

Calling all Farmers! For those who just want to get their hands dirty and learn what it is to be a real farmer, we offer a wonderful opportunity. Come to ELIJA Farm and learn about organic farming through hands on experiential learning. Sowing seeds, planting and caring for a garden is hard work. Participants will explore the science that goes behind raising healthy crops and how nature plays a big role in its success. Harvesting and processing will provide experience in how to run your own farmers market.  Using best practices participants will learn everything they need to know to set up and maintain their own personal sustainable organic garden. Participants are guided by our experienced farm staff.

Classes are offered twice a week, Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday (90 Minutes) 9am, 10:30am, or 12:30pm, $50 per session or  8 Sessions $350 (monthly)

Little Farmers:

Just like our BIG farmers little ones (ages 5-9) will dibble and dabble in all aspects of the farm experience—from planting and harvesting fresh veggies in the garden, to exploring nature on the farm. Children will learn how to spot squash bugs, where to look for monarch caterpillars, and how to harvest vegetables for the ELIJA Farm farmers market! Children will delight in games, crafts, and food preparation using veggies straight from the gardens in this delightful and peaceful outdoor farm setting. Little farmers will be supported by our trained farm staff/this is a drop off program.

Classes are offered once a week, Saturdays (June 15th -August 24th only) 10am-1pm, $50 per session or 4 Sessions $350 (monthly)