Sound & Meditation:

Join Tim and Steph in a unique sound and meditation experience with a focus on relaxation for all participants whether new to mediation or experienced. Original ambient music accompanies you as you lie back comfortably with a peaceful soundscape creating space for gentle relaxation and rejuvenation. The original music is enhanced with the use of overtone-emitting instruments, soft chanting, vocalization and aromatherapy for a restorative sensory experience.

Sound effects our bodies on a cellular level and helps shift our brainwave state. In combination with stillness, breath and deep listening, participants can begin to remove blockages from the physical and subtle bodies and connect to their own voice. The experience is further enhanced by the serene nature on the beautiful ELIJA Farm.

Tim is a musician and recording artist from NYC. He is a world travelled performer, and composer of innovative ambient sounds. Steph is a creative and producer from NYC. She has worked in fashion and e-commerce for over a decade, and has studied and practiced yoga and meditation since childhood. They have been facilitating weekly sessions with ELIJA since 2017.