Internship Position

We are currently seeking full time and part time farm interns for the 2018 season, beginning April 2 and continuing through November 30. Compensation is in the form of shared housing, produce from the farm, and a bi-weekly paid stipend of $11/hr. Work hours will generally be 8 hour days, M-F, and 5 hours on Saturday. There will be time set aside during the week for personal learning experiences on and off the farm.

Our internship program includes experience in all aspects of running a sustainable CSA farm (Farmer’s Pledge), including, but not limited to: plant propagation, transplanting, direct seeding, field prep and maintenance, cultivation, harvesting, prepping produce for market-style CSA pickup, member interaction, safe use of farm equipment, philosophy of soil stewardship including use of cover crops, crop rotation, companion planting, organic amendments and composting. Interns must be physically fit, have stamina, team spirit, a strong work ethic, and a passion for the environment.

ELIJA Farm operates a traditional vegetable CSA and, in addition, provides an innovative farm-based vocational training program for young adults with autism. Apprentices also have the opportunity to work with young adults on the autistim spectrum and help them to develop job skills and social confidence.

We at ELIJA Farm are very proud of the unique levels of engagement available here, and are very excited to be offering apprenticeship/intern opportunities to enthusiastic and compassionate future farmers.

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