2019 CSA Survey Results

Our CSA 2019 season was filled with abundances and variety, abait some challenges. We asked our CSA members what crops they prefer, so that we can plan accordingly for next season. We will use the results to know what to plan more and less of, while still respecting that some members love beets, kale or radishes, whereas other people are indifferent or don't even like them. We are without a doubt planning for more of the favorites: tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, string beans and eggplant. Nature will surely challenge our plan, but we will work our hardest to combat pests (like the flea beetles that destroyed the eggplants), water erosion (which wiped out a lot of the green beans), and bacteria (like the cercospora that ruined most of the swiss chard). We are already busy planning all the crops, as well as the organic prevention and treatment options for next season.


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