What is a Market-Style CSA?

ELIJA Farm CSA is unique because instead of having a pre-packed share box to pick up, we will have all of the beautiful and freshly harvested bounty for the week displayed on tables in our pick-up tent, similar to what you would see at a Farmers Market. This style of pick-up allows for more flexibility for our members. Each week we will list on the tent chalkboard how much of each vegetable item a share size receives.

The amounts and types of vegetables available in your share will change weekly with the season. You bring your ELIJA CSA tote or your own container to pick-up and, based on the weekly share amounts, choose your particular veggies. You will be eating both locally and seasonally. The fresh spring greens of mid-June whet our appetites for the tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants of high summer!

To allow added flexibility, we will have a Swap Box or a "take one, leave one" bin at every pick up, where you can swap items with other members. So if there is something you don’t want to take, you can exchange it for an item another member placed in the "take one, leave one" bin. We also have a donation bin where you can put any item you would like to donate to a soup Kitchen or food pantry.

We always harvest extra of each item, so if even if you are the last person to arrive during our pick-up times you will still have plenty of options from which to select.

We will have a tent host at every pick-up who will greet you for sign in, answer questions about the weekly share, and offer information about how to cook any unfamiliar vegetable in the share. Every week we will offer our ELIJA Thymes Newsletter loaded with information and recipes about the produce.

Your on-farm driving route takes you around our fields as you exit so that you can see your vegetables growing! Our on-farm pick-up style also allows you to meet your farmer and personally see how your produce is grown. 

Interested in purchasing a share? Click here for details!

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