ELIJA Farm Culinary Workshop Series

ELIJA Farm Culinary Workshop Series

When: Tuesdays at 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. (3 different series from March thru first week in June)
Where: ELIJA Farm
Limit: 10 people
Price: $25 per class
Pre-Series Registration: $95 for 4 week series or $120 for 5 week series. Pre-register for the series and get a pass to bring a friend to one class! To redeem friend pass, email Joy@ELIJA.org by the Friday before class to register friend.

Culinary Class Schedule

March: Pies, Tarts and Quiche
1) Build your own Quiche (cheese, meats and veggie) (March 26th)

April: Dumplings from Around the World
1) Chinese Dumplings and dipping sauce (Asia) (April 2nd)
2) Pierogies (Poland) (April 9th)
3) Empanadas (w/ meat or beans and cheese) (Latin America) (April 16th)
4) Amish Apple Dumplings (United States) (April 23rd)
5) Samosa (w/ potato, peas and Indian spices) (India) (April 30th)

May (and 1st week of June): Bread Bonanza
1) Multi-Grain seedy bread (May 7th)
2) Braided White Bread (May 14th)
3) Apple Pie Bread (May 21st)
4) Cornbread (May 28th)
5) Roti (Indian flat bread) (June 4th)




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