Please Fill out the Visitor Wavier form upon each visit


Acknowledgment. Participant agrees to keep and obey all rules enforced or which may in the future be adopted by The ELIJA Farm, Inc. (“The ELIJA Farm”). Posting at The ELIJA Farm shall be sufficient notice of rules and regulations. The ELIJA Farm shall not be liable for its failure to enforce such rules and regulations. The ELIJA Farm reserves the right to revoke any participants’ rights to use, enter or remain on its premises.

Acknowledgement and Assumption of the Risk. The undersigned on behalf of themselves, their personal representatives, heirs, successors, assigns and children, hereby assumes all risks of participation in any activities at The ELIJA Farm, including but not limited to the use of any apparatus, appliances and equipment of The ELIJA Farm by the undersigned.

Waiver, Release, and Discharge of Liability. The undersigned on behalf of themselves, their personal representatives, heirs, successors, assigns and children, hereby fully release, waive claims against, and discharge The ELIJA Farm, its subsidiaries, and their respective officers, trustees, directors, agents, employees, contractors, related entities, and/or representatives, from any and all liability to any of the undersigned, their personal representatives, heirs, successors and assigns, for any and all loss or damage and any claims or demands therefor, on account of injury to the person or property of the undersigned, or as a result of the death of the undersigned, including, without limitation, any injuries or death resulting from or arising out of the negligence of The ELIJA Farm and its affiliates and their agents and employees and any other person present in The ELIJA Farm, resulting from or arising out of, directly or indirectly, (1) the use or intended use of The ELIJA Farm facility, including, without limitation, any apparatus, appliances or equipment of The ELIJA Farm facility, and/or (2) the participation or intended participation of the undersigned in any class, training or other group participation activity conducted at The ELIJA Farm facility.

Participant is solely responsible for his/her personal items. The ELIJA Farm is not liable for lost or stolen property.

Photography Release. The undersigned hereby irrevocably consents to the unrestricted use in perpetuity, for purposes including but not limited to display, advertising, and trade and including any alterations or modifications whatsoever, of any photograph or image, including the negative and prints made therefrom, by The ELIJA Farm, its employees, faculty, agents, successors and assigns forever. The undersigned hereby grants The ELIJA Farm permission to use his/her likeness in a photograph in any and all of its publications, including website entries, without payment or any other consideration. The undersigned waives any right which he/she may otherwise have to inspect or approve the visual images or prints made from the negative thereof, with respect to:

1. any alterations or modifications,

2. any material or commentary,

3. any publication using the name of undersigned, no name, or a fictitious name,

4. any use for the purposes of publicity, illustration, commercial art, and

5. any advertising or products or services.

The undersigned hereby releases and absolves The ELIJA Farm and its successors, assigns, subsidiaries, agents, administrators, faculty, employees or licensees from any liability resulting from such use. It is expressly agreed, however, that The ELIJA Farm is under no obligation to use said photograph(s) and or video for any purpose whatsoever. The ELIJA Farm is committed to maintaining the security not only of students, but our personnel, property, information, and our visitors. The following policies have been established for your protection.


All adult visitors are required to present a current and valid form of government-issued photo identification, such as a driver's license.

Inspection Notice

The ELIJA Farm policy for entry into, continued presence on or exiting the Farm, is contingent upon the visitor’s consent to inspection of their person, and property in their possession or under their control.

Weapons Ban

Unauthorized carrying, transporting, or otherwise introducing or causing to be introduced, or using firearms or other dangerous weapons, explosives or other incendiary devices, or other dangerous instrument, substance, or material likely to produce substantial injury or damage to persons or property, into or upon The ELIJA Farm is prohibited.

Alcohol and Drugs

No alcohol or illegal drugs may be brought on to The ELIJA Farm. Anyone observed breaking the law, underage drinking or using illegal drugs will be subject to immediate ejection and criminal prosecution.

Restricted Areas

Visitors must remain within designated buildings and marked wallways.


There is no smoking on The ELIJA Farm.

Cameras, Video Cameras and Cellular Phones

Cameras and video cameras are permitted as long as their use does not interfere with other guests' enjoyment of the event. Cellular Phones are allowed as long as they do not distract from the enjoyment of the event by other guests. All such items including media storage devices are subject to inspection. No pictures or video of any students may be taken absent specific permission from the Executive Director of The ELIJA Farm.


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