Our Farming Practices


ELIJA Farm is committed to using environmentally responsible practices to raise our high-quality produce. Our soil is our treasure; it is nurtured to produce bountiful, great tasting, and nutritious produce. ELIJA Farm uses (OMRI) certified fertilizers and pesticides, as well as exclusively using non-GMO seeds. We enrich our soil with compost, well matured  matter, and cover crops. Our produce is hand-tended and hand-picked at its peak flavor and nutrition.

ELIJA Farm combines cutting edge technology with time tested farming techniques. We start with certified, non-GMO seeds from the most reputable local suppliers, as well as our own seed stock saved from past seasons. We refer to Cornell Cooperative Extensions network of agricultural data gathering weather stations to monitor environmental conditions across Long Island. This helps us anticipate and mitigate pathogen and insect threats before they occur. Pest deterrence is further bolstered through an integrated pest management system which includes companion plantings (which attract both predatory and pollinating insects), handpicking pests when we see them, physical barriers such as row covers.

Our farming efforts are supported by ELIJA Farm’s diverse, well established, and vibrant ecosystem, which includes songbirds, barn swallows, hawks and beneficial insects.